Pre-planning and Determining the Location of Your Underground Storm Shelter

1. Consider locations of underground wires, utilities, and piping. Make sure you find an area free of any obstructions. Check with local contractors on water table levels.

2. Consider quick and easy access from your home as you select a site (Approximately 11 ft. X 10 ft.)

3. Make additional plans to arrange for concrete delivery at time of installation, or you may use prefabricated concrete blocks.

Storm Shelter Installation Steps

1. Dig a hole 11ft. long, 10ft. wide, and 5 1/2 ft. deep.

2. Insert three steel pipes into the prefabricated slots on the bottom of the shelter. Make sure the shelter is level before pouring concrete over steel pipes or secure with concrete blocks distributed evenly over the pipes.

3. Make sure the shelter is level then backfill with clean fill dirt taking care to pack around the shelter.

4. Complete the backfilling, hand filling top soil for the last 4 - 6 inches to cover the top of the shelter completely. Make sure that water drains away from the door opening area.

5. Allow backfill to settle several days. Add any additional soil prior to landscaping and sodding. Be sure water drains away from door opening.

Once installation is complete - No longer live in fear or worry of the next storm season. You have made a purchase of peace of mind. Your "THE REFUGE" storm shelter will now provide a place of safety and protection to your family for a lifetime.

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