What is a Storm Shelter?

A storm shelter is an underground structure that is built underground near houses or other such buildings. They are reinforced structures into which residents can go for protection from a strong wind storm. They are common in areas that often have tornadoes and hurricanes.

The Refuge Storm Shelter is a FEMA tested underground storm shelter. Features of The Refuge storm shelter:

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty!
  • Easy Installation Installs in 4 to 5 hours
  • Durable "No Rust" Fiberglass Construction
  • Easy-open Doors with Pneumatic Cylinder
  • Safety Handrail Along Stairs
  • Non-Skid Walking Surface on Stairs
  • Carpeted Floor
  • Heavy Duty Interior Door lock
  • Well Ventilated Compartment - two 4" air vents
  • Mold /Mildew Resistant Interior
  • Comfortable Molded-in Bench Seating
  • Accommodates Adults & Children Alike
  • Molded in Emergency Supply Storage shelf

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