M-L-K charity clinic opens its new doors

Shreveport, La (KSLA) – Louisiana's oldest free clinic has a new and bigger home. Martin Luther King Health Center recently relocated and opened its doors Friday. The clinic is located just off of Line Avenue. The new location is designed to accommodate hundreds of medical volunteers that can treat more patients who don't have access to pay for healthcare. The center has started two clinics for treatment.

"Oh it's beautiful. I love it!" said Georgia Jones, who has been a patient at the center for thirteen years.

The clinic has always made a difference for others but has now also expanded from 2,000 sq .ft. to 7,000 sq. ft.  With its various themed rooms, such as the Mudbugs and Saints rooms, the clinic has become a very uplifting place for patients.

Martin Luther King Clinic opened 25 years ago to service the uninsured and underinsured in the Shreveport's Allendale community.

Dr. Robert Jackson, a founding member of the clinic, feared that even with the new healthcare reform, not everyone will have adequate access to medical care.

"There will always be underprivileged people who fall through the cracks and that's why we're here to help."

Dr. Jackson has been passionate about the clinic for a long time and is very overwhelmed by all the good things this clinic brings about, especially that his vision has become real.