Ways to cut down a costly cell phone bill

Most people nowadays carry a cell phone. But is this cell phone costing too much? Is that end of the month phone bill breaking the budget?

Many customers are concerned on how to keep their cost down on their cell phone bills and would like the idea of saving a few dollars but are not sure how.

One of many options that customers have chosen is to talk at night, that's when their free minutes kick in. Others customers have chosen to communicate via text messaging to save airtime charges. It doesn't matter whether you shop for a new contract or stick with your current plan, there are always some ways on how to get more for your money.

First, pay for what you use by evaluating your bill each month to see what minutes you pay for and what minutes you actually use. You may save with a plan that includes fewer minutes. Second, get a data plan so that you avoid emailing and web surfing data charges. Those mega bites are costly and can add up quickly.

In addition, if you don't use your cell phone often, a prepaid plan would actually be more cost effective for what you need. Also, you always have the option to complain to your cell phone provider about your bill before forking the dollars over to them. Sometimes a credit may be issued or some charges may get removed.

If you are a senior citizen, inquire about any discounts that many cell phone companies offer. As a reminder, customers always need to read the fine print on their contract; there is always a window of 30 days to cancel your plan and avoid a termination fee.

There are always ways to save around. One suggestion is to sift through the major plans considering your cell phone usage and needs. If you don't have the time, you can check out websites like www.billshrink.com or www.myrateplan.com to do the comparing for you.