Mother Speaks Out About Cafeteria Workers Arrest

By Adria Goins – bio|email

SHERVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Quenton Washington, 40, has been bailed out of jail after he was arrested for trying to solicit sex from a 12-year-old girl. According to the Caddo Sheriff's office, Washington posed as a 15-year-old boy for months, talking over the phone with the young girl. The two reportedly planned on meeting on more than one occasion for sex.

Lillian Washington, Quenton's mother, said her son never should have been arrested.  She admitted that her son knew the girl was 12-years-old, but never wanted to do anything with her.

She said her son was diagnosed with a mild intellectual disability at the age of eight. Most people with this disorder have slower brain function, have an IQ of 70 or lower, have trouble expressing social relationships, and lack the understanding of verbal and non-verbal clues, according to

"When you look at him you can't really see it until he opens his mouth," said Lillian.

Washington was taken into custody after a deputy posed as the 12-year-old girl over the phone.

"After the arrest, he said yes he planned on showing up and yes he was going to have sex with the 12-year-old girl," said Steve Prator, Caddo Parish Sheriff.

Lillian said her son never should've been questioned without her.

"Everything that Quenton says or answers is yes. He's never going to give you a no answer."

Lillian has legal guardianship over her son.

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