Iceland's volcanic ash continues to threaten air travel

The volcanic ash from the Iceland volcano that erupted last month has now become a nightmare for a lot of travelers around the world. Air travelers in Europe, North Africa and even parts of Turkey are still on edge for the possible disruptions that the ash clouds may cause while the volcano continues to spew.

Many travelers around Europe are expecting flight delays and cancellations which could be frustrating for a lot of those who have vacation plans or are on business trips. Countries such as Britain and Germany are expecting some of the ash effect to be felt in the next few days depending on the wind and weather conditions.

British authorities said that there is a risk that parts of the British airspace could be closed as early as Sunday and continue through Tuesday. They also predicted that Heathrow's Airport in England, which is Europe's busiest airport, may also be affected and possibly shut down until the conditions improve and travelers' safety is not compromised .