Residents upset over RR crossing closures

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – "We should have had some say about this," said Hyde Park resident, Gloria Small as she sits in her car near a railroad crossing.

For the city the closing of the rail road crossing at Winngate and Hyde Park was a trade off that made sense.

To open other crossings in growing parts of town, they have to close some.

Mayor Glover points to the opening up of Shreve Park at Industrial Park, and being able to secure 400 plus jobs, averaging 40 million dollar a year pay roll.

But for residents who use the crossings, they feel railroaded.

"…Inconvenienced us to go all the way around the world to get to our house," said Small.

To leave Hyde park, residents would have to avoid Wyngate, and use Kingston Road, and Mansfield Road.

Residents out here at Mansfield road and Malcom are dealing with the exact same problem, when that crossing gets shut down, the neighbors will be forced to drive all the way down to midway just to access Mansfield Road.

"They threw us under the bus, they threw us under the tracks, they wanted on the other side of town, without any input from us," said another resident.

Mayor Glover arrived at the Mansfield location to talk with irate residents who learned about the closure from signs that just went up.

Glover says residents should also be talking to the city council members who voted for it.

"Well it comes down to those individuals making those decisions based on what they believe the issues concerns and possible problems of the folks they represent," said Glover.

Judging by their signs, which have phone number of the mayor and council members scratched out and re-written, it's apparent residents don't know who to talk to, so for now they'll bend the closest ear.

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