Going Green 5/13/10: Eco-Font

UNDATED (KSLA) – Saving the world one hole at a time. A new eco-friendly font promises to do just that and save you money.

Typically when you think of Green, you think of energy saving appliances or gadgets to decrease your energy use.

The font is called Vera Sans and it's full of holes; that's right holes.  This new design takes your regular font and puts holes in the letters. In testing to see if it really works, here's what Barak Shapiro discovered.

The words appear to be a little faded, but other than that you can really tell a difference between the two and the larger the font, the more you save.

So next, Barak took to Ark-La-Tex streets to see if you've heard about the new eco-friendly font and what Ark-La-Tex residents thought about it.

Ark-La-Tex resident, Tanisha Prim was asked if she had ever heard of eco-friendly font and Prim replied, "No I haven't," said Prim.

Another Ark-La-Tex resident, Jerry Koast answered, "No."

The question now remains, would Tanisha or Jerry change their minds after looking at the difference between the two if it could save them some cash?

Here's another thought! Did you know that according to dailyfinance.com, one gallon of ink costs $10,000; now that's a ton of money.

Get this! It takes 1,000 years for an ink cartridge to decompose. According to SPRANQ communications if you use the eco-friendly font, it'll help you and the environment. Your ink will last 20 percent longer, meaning 20 percent less holes in your pocket and that is a good thing for going green.

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