Man holds sign that reads sex with kids ok

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – People in downtown Shreveport were shocked to see a man carrying this sign which read Aadults with child sex is ok.

"He's risking his life, seriously with that sign," said onlooker, Kareka Barfield.

The man, visiting from California, didn't get a warm Shreveport welcome.

"The first thing I'm thinking is I want to come over here and slap the sh&* out of the man," said another woman who confronted him.

The words are clear on the sign - and disturbing, but, purposely misleading.

"I'm not a pedophile," said Killens.

Chauntey Killens has traveled through a dozen other cities holding this sign - he says he opposes adults having sex with children, just like he opposes gay marriage – the real reason he's here.

"Once you allow same sex marriage It's only inevitable that the other groups are also going to fight for their rights," said Killens.

He sees gay marriage as a slippery slope, and at the bottom of the hill would be laws passed in favor of groups like NAMBLA- the North American Man Boy Love Association.

"You're going to have to allow polygamy, incest, bestiality pedophiles," said Killens.

"I'm just trying to figure out what this is about," said another bystander.

The sign acts as a spark to a fiery debate Killens almost seems desperate for.

"I want to agitate people, wake them up," said Killens.

"If you go up and talk to him, it's a different thing," said Barfield.

Some might call him brave, others might call him stupid, when asked where he thinks he rates, Killens replied, "Probably a combination of both".

Killens says he's been spit on, had his sign taken from him, and here in Shreveport the cops were called on him.

"They take down my information run a report," says Killens.

Killens was not arrested, and says it's his constitutional right to carry the sign, and he vows to continue the protest in other cities.

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