Ten cars burglarized in South Shreveport

Shreveport Police Department and detective units responded to citizens' calls on Friday morning shortly after 7 AM. Police arrived on the scenes of the 11000 and 600 block of Woodmere Drive and also 11000 block of Southbrook Drive after ten residents in the Flournoy Lucas area woke up and found their cars broken into.

According to Shreveport Police, the break-ins apparently occurred between 12 AM and 7 AM. The investigation revealed that seven out of the ten cars were left unlocked and the three other cars were forcibly broken into. Burglars took loose change, small denominations, small purses, GPS units and other personal items. No damage was done to the car interiors and no car stereos were taken.  A shed was also broken into in that neighborhood, but nothing was taken.

Officers canvassed the neighborhood and were able to obtain some possible leads on some suspects. Fingerprints were also recovered from the crime scenes.

Corporal Bill Goodin advised citizens "not to leave their cars unlocked and not to keep valuables in their cars."  He stressed that it is very important for people not give these criminals the ability to commit their crimes.