KSLA Joblink Employment Expo Opens Doors for Residents

SHREVEPORT -- The economy has affected everyone in some way or another from higher prices at the grocery store, to pinching penny's at the pump, and even searching for a new job.

KSLA NEWS 12 has been working to help the Ark-La-Tex find open jobs through our Joblink Employment Expos.

Brandon Robinson has gotten pretty familiar with the process. He has been writing down his name and job history, and handing in applications to potential employers for the past four months hoping for that better job.

"That doesn't discourage me at all," said Robinson. "I'm getting out there and keep trying, and keep at it on a daily basis. I'm qualified so as soon as that door opens I'm going to hop right in."

Davin Dunn is a military veteran and has college experience. After hearing about Thursday's Expo, he dropped what he was doing and came down to the municipal auditorium, wearing shorts and a T-shirt, just so he wouldn't miss out on an opportunity.

"Well when there's an opportunity you have to take advantage," said Dunn.

These job seekers were able to look through 13 different booths with 100's of open jobs.

In 2009, the state of Louisiana saw more than 42,000 jobs disappear but it was about finding one that pays better for Robinson and Dunn since the economy has made it difficult to stretch each paycheck.

"It has been difficult. with the pay rates and your education, it's still hard but it's not impossible," said Dunn.