Family fighting for "Melissa's Law"

NEW LONDON, TX (KSLA) – A violent and deadly explosion has one east Texas family fighting for change.

Melissa Helsel-Williams was blown more than 100 feet through the air, when an oil tank blew up last week, just south of New London, Texas.

Her friend, Joseph Crisp is still recuperating at a Shreveport hospital.

It took less than one week for Melissa's family to get the ball rolling on a plan to make sure accidents like this never happen again.

They're working to pass a law in memory of Melissa.

"In no way, whatsoever, do I want to hurt oil companies," says Jerry Smires, Melissa's uncle. "My father worked with the oil companies for 50 years."

Smires hopes Melissa's Law will make oil tank sites safer and more secure across the country.

Forty-two teenagers and young adults have died in oil tank explosions.

The family tells us they've already contacted Governor Rick Perry's office and representative Louie Gohmert's office.

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board says it is urging the oil industry and state lawmakers to take action.

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