KSLA News 12 Investigates: Life After Lock down

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- On March 30th, a green Action Taxi cab was seen on the side of Highway 171 in Desoto Parish. That's where twelve year-old Justin Bloxom's body was found near a shallow pool of water.

Authorities said registered sex offender Brian Horn was the driver of that cab, owned by Action Taxi, and that Horn posed as a girl, sent text messages to Bloxom to set up an overnight meeting between the two and said saying that a taxi would pick Bloxom up.

Authorities said Horn then killed Bloxom.

David McFarlin with Action Taxi said since that tragedy, he has changed his hiring policy.

"We will not hire any sex offenders under any circumstances," said McFarlin. "I don't care if they have been pardoned by the Pope. It's not going to happen not here; not at our company, not with our family."

But when KSLA News 12 took a closer look at the hundreds of sex offenders registered in Caddo Parish alone, one of them, Steven Allen Haskins, convicted of sexual assault, entered Action Taxi as his employer. That's the same cab company that hired Horn.

McFarlin told KSLA he did not know Haskins was a sex offender, but says now Haskins is no longer one of his employees. Our calls to Haskins at the Madison Detention Center were not returned.

McFarlin is not the only business owner who was not aware that he hired a registered sex offender.

KSLA News 12 checked the registry and we found another offender, Carlos Johnson, convicted for indecency with a juvenile, registered working at the Twin Cities car wash in Bossier City.

When KSLA News 12 contacted the business manager, he was unaware of Johnson's background and said Johnson would no longer be working there even though the law does not restrict Johnson from being employed there or anywhere else for that matter.

Johnson's crime was committed before tougher restrictions were put in place. KSLA left a message with Johnson's grandfather and we have not heard back from him.

KSLA News 12 also learned one sex offender, Lyle James Wright, convicted for indecency with a juvenile, is registered as living on Midway Street, right next door to a playground. But Wright is not restricted from living there because his victim was 14. The law only restricts sex offenders who commit crimes against children 13 and under.

Wright told KSLA that no one living near his home has a problem with him living right next to the playground.

Lieutenant Greg Winget with the Caddo Sheriff's Office said it's the responsibility of the sex offender to register their home and work addresses with law enforcement one to 4 times per year depending on the severity of their crimes.

But just keeping up with sex offenders and where they work is a major challenge. We found hundreds do not enter work addresses and when they do, those addresses may be false. That means everyone must do their homework when tracking where sex offenders live and work.

Here's the Louisiana law on sex offenders in the workplace:

1) The law prohibits certain sex offenders from having *direct* contact with children like schools and day care centers.

2) In most cases, if certain sex offenders are giving instruction to children, they have to post a notice that they are a sex offender.

3) Offenders convicted of serious sex crimes (felons) would be subject to losing their state professional licenses ...


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