Haynesville documentary opens in Shreveport

By Carolyn Roy – bio|email|Twitter

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – A movie made right here in the ArkLaTex about the Haynesville Shale has officially opened for a week of screenings in Shreveport.  

Haynesville: A Nations Hunt for an Energy Future documents the discovery of the massive shale gas play and follows three individuals as they encounter the steep learning curve that came with the huge leasing boom that hit the area two years ago. From a gun-toting land-loving country boy to a single mom and a pastor with a dream, their personal stories intertwine to tell a story full of contrasts.

From rags to riches for one, to a David and Goliath battle over environmental protections with an oil and gas exploration company, the film offers a broad perspective on the wide range of individual impact the play is having on the people who live here.

Directed by Gregory Kallenberg, Haynesville has also takes on the broader perspective of what a natural gas find of this scale could mean to the nation's energy future, exploring how the Haynesville's reserves could provide a cleaner bridge to from coal and oil to renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.

There is certainly an abundance of the stuff. The Haynesville shale gas field is estimated to contain 170 trillion cubic feet (the equivalent of 28 billion barrels of oil).  "It's an incredible energy find," says co-producer Mark Bullard. "It's really on the scale of what you might find in Saudi Arabia and it's happening right here in Northwest Louisiana, and what's happening here is a game changer for the nation.  It's being talked about in DC, New York, all over the nation, even the world."

The film officially debuted at the South by Southwest Conference last month, but was also screened at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December.     

Shreveporter Jan Querbes came to one of the first screenings at on Friday to see what all the buzz was about, and she says she wasn't disappointed. "It was beautifully produced cinematography, music following the story of those three people. Well done."  The cinematography was done by Rob Senska.      

Haynesville opened Friday at the Robinson Film Center and runs through Thursday, April 29.  A representative crew member of the film will be at every screening for question and answer sessions. Click here for tickets and information.  Click here for the official trailer

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