Northern Ark-La-Tex hit by two twisters

By Jeff Ferrell – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Some northern parts of the Ark-La-Tex survived two tornadoes this weekend.  Luckily those twisters fell into the lowest category for strength.

Two towns, Queen City, Texas and Fouke, Arkansas  had some scattered damage from the storms.  KSLA News 12 traveled with the National Weather Service, NWS, as they sized-up the damage.  Keith Stellman with the weather service said, "It looks like we got two tornado tracts that occurred from the same storm."

It's believed the first tornado  touched down in Queen City, just north of Atlanta, Texas, knocking down trees and twisting others.  "It's just a weak tornado  "EF-0" but none the less it was a tornado."

While in Queen City the tornado caused damage to one business.  Local resident Robert Schwartz told us, "The storm blew the sheets of tin a hundred yards on the other side of the shop."

The second tract began in Fouke, Arkansas downing tree branches.  Fouke resident Shelia Collins recalled, "We were standing in the door watching it and when it hit it just hit out of nowhere and it just twisted that limb."

Collins' car, and those belonging to her neighbors, were damaged when  a large limb fell.  Connie Stevens described, "Really I thought the house was going to blow down.  The tree started swaying."

According to NWS, the tornado stayed on the ground a short time and caused only minor damage, luckily.  These Fouke, Arkansas residents say it could have been worse.  Collins added, "Whenever it started she told him to move his truck if he had done that it would have killed him."

Connie Stevenson of Fouke, added "Because the corner of that house that's my baby room and its right above her baby bed.  I'm Just thankful she wasn't in it when that tree hit."

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