Drug operation leads to numerous arrests in Caddo/Shreveport

News Release from the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Task Force

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator and Shreveport Police Chief Henry Whitehorn announced today that the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Task Force conducted a two-day operation designed to curtail the transportation of illegal narcotics through Shreveport and Caddo Parish. 

    Law enforcement officers with the Task Force, Shreveport Police and Caddo Sheriff's traffic, K-9 and patrol units, Greenwood Police, and Louisiana State Police conducted numerous traffic stops in and around Interstates 20 and 49, Highway 79, and the Shreveport Greyhound Bus Terminal. As a result of the traffic stops and further investigations, officers seized drugs, cash, one weapon, and made numerous arrests.

    The operation was extremely successful, netting 11 felony arrests and 20 misdemeanor arrests. Agents seized .2 grams of cocaine, .2 grams of methamphetamine, 122.7 grams of marijuana, eight Lortab pills, 10 Lorazepam pills, one weapon, and approximately $47,740 worth of illegal drug proceeds. The street value of all drugs seized was approximately $1400.

    Below are the arrests during this operation:

Location                                Arrestee                                Age                 Charge

I 20 at Jewella                    Jonathan Johnson                   26                   Poss Sch I with intent

I 49 at W 70th                     Broderick Glover                    32                 City warrants

I 20 at I 220                        James Williams III                27                  Poss Sch I

I 49 at Southern Loop         Lemond Howard                    23                 Fugitive

400 Fannin                          Undre McCundy                      29                  Felon in poss firearm

I 49 at Bert Kouns              Jerimiah Henning                     21                 Poss Sch I

I 49 at Southern Loop        Jermaine Davis                         29                 City warrants

Hwy 79 south                     Walter Peterson                      19                 2nd Poss Sch I

Hwy 79 south                     Kendrick Smith                        20                 Poss Sch IV

Hwy 79 south                     Bryance Taylor                        18                 Poss Sch I

Hwy 79 south                     Gerra Taylor                            18                 Poss Sch I

Hwy 79 south                     Ashley Smith                            19                 Poss Sch I

Hwy 79 south                     Tangela Peterson                     35                Caddo warrant

Hwy 79 south                     John Darby                               23                Poss drug paraphernalia

Hwy 79 south                     Russel Kirkhand                       30                Poss Sch IV

Hwy 79 south                     Francis Bendele                        30               Poss drug paraphernalia

I 20 at Bert Kouns             Andrew Dotie                            20                Poss Sch I

I20 at Monkhouse             Rickey Gwin                              27                 Poss Sch II

I 20 at Monkhouse            Tabatha Morton                         39                 Poss Sch II

I 20 at hwy 169                  Kristopher Walker                  27                 Poss Sch I

I 20 at Hwy 169                  Shawn Walker                        33                 Poss Sch I

I 20 at Hwy 169                  Davis Robinson                       42                 Poss Sch I

I 20 at Bert Kouns              Byron Watson                          20                 Agg flight

Hwy 79 at Buncomb          Jessie Wells                              51                 Poss Sch I

Hwy 79 at Buncomb          Alonzo Jones                             37                 Poss Sch I

Hwy 79 at Bumcomb        James Adkinson                         45                 Poss Sch I

I 20 at Exit 5                       Joshua Payton                         31                 Poss drug paraphernalia

Hwy 79 at Buncomb          Lewis Rodney                            20                 Poss Sch I

I 49 at West 70th               Kristopher Shadd                      21                 Poss Sch I

S. Loop at Linwood            Bryan Joy                                                        Resisting officer

49 at Southern Loop      Robert Waters                             44                   Poss Sch II

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