Statement from Kevin Horn; DeSoto murder suspect's brother

"I want to first start by saying on behalf of myself and my family we are deeply sorry for Justin Bloxom's death.

This has been the hardest thing my family and I have had to deal with, but I know it in no way compares to the pain that the Bloxom family is feeling. I'm not asking for sympathy from anyone. I just want the Bloxom family to realize my family and I are trying to do the right thing.

My family and I have deepest sorrow for Justin and his loved ones.

I, Kevin Horn, brought my brother to DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Substation immediately after finding out that Brian was the prime suspect in this heinous crime. Brian will not find any support from us because we do not condone a murderer.

My family and I have been thrown into this nightmare and do not want to believe that this is true, but unfortunately we have to deal with the facts that are in front of us.

Please do not judge our family as we are the ones that brought Brian in and are in no way trying to protect him from justice. He chose his life and now he must pay for the crime he committed."


Kevin Horn

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