Proud Father

I am the proud father of Sgt. Ross  Martin who is now serving 4th Infantry in the Persian Gulf as a helicopter mechanic. Ross is a 1995 graduate of Benton High School and third generation veteran. His grandfather was in the Airforce in the early 50's during the Korean war, I was in the Army in the early 70's during Vietnam, and now Ross in the Iraq war. I have always been proud of him, he was a good kid growing up never getting into much  (only the tipical boy stuff ) he was never into drugs or any of that really bad stuff. His grades in high school were'nt all that great and I had to stay on him just to graduate, but he did and waited a year before joining the Army in 1997. He took his basic training at Ft. Sill, Ok. where he finished first in his class in basic rifle marksmanship with the highest score. He surprised me after two years of his enlistment by telling me he had re-enlisted and was going the helecopter mechanics school and he has since then re-enlisted again, he also has plans to try and become a warrant officer and helecopter pilot. Ross has already served at Ft. Hood,Tx., been to Bosnia, and served a tour in Korea where he had just returned to Ft. Hood last Sept. He was married to a wonderful girl from Austin ,Tx. in January and six weeks later deployed to the middle east. So you can see why Ross is my hero, because he has accomplished so many great things in such a short few years and become the man any father would be proud to call his son. I know there are alot of fathers and mothers who have sons and daughters over there and are as proud of them as I am mine, because our sons and daughters serving and fighting are the ones that make us proud to be Americans and I am as proud of all the sons and daughters as I am mine. I wish them all well and to come to us safely.

                                                                      Sincerely (A PROUD FATHER)
                                                                       Jimmie Martin