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My son is stationed at Fort Carson CO and I don't think that anyone realizes they are attached to the 4th from Fort hood because no one mentions them,he is a Sgt and a medic(1-8 infantry(mech))and he has 38 soldiers he's responsible for.He as been to Haiti and Somalia but he knows this is totally different.I was inTX when the war started with my daughter who had surgery and spent two weeks there.  All you heard on the newswas of fort hood  but,nothing of FORT CARSON. I couldn't wait to get home and hear about our La troops but I was disappointed.I had to go to 4th's website to find only a couple of mentions about Fort Carson.would someone research this and PLEASE let's hear it for FORT CARSON CO. Who knows, maybe someone else has a loved one stationed there.My son is( as I write this) headed to Iraq. He has a five year old daughter and her last words to him were "We don't say good bye but I'll see you later."Thanks for listening...

Loleta Burns

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