Proud Mother

My son is in the 3rd infantry division form Fort Stewart Georgia. This has been a very hard time for me knowing what is going on. All we can do is pray to God to bring all our loved ones home safe. I know Stephen knew what he might be getting into, cause the first time he went over seas to Kuwait he said "Mom I'll be all right. Please don't worry," but any mom knows that's hard to do when it your babies. I have cried till I could cry no more. I pray to God everyday for a safe return home for all our soldiers. I am so proud of all our troops and that they are fighting for our country. It takes special people to know that one day they might be on the front line like my son and all the men and women serving in the armed forces. I am proud to be an American and proud of all our men and women.   We need to pray for our leader over our country.

Thank you and god bless everyone

Janice Peters
Proud mom ofSGT. Stephen Johnson