Patriotic Display

Many of you have responded to our request for stories about family members involved in the war.

Here's the story of one Ark-La-Tex workplace that's offering support to dependents here at home.
Employees at the Barksdale Federal Credit Union off Airline Drive have a number of employees with family members involved in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
A special display there is helping them to cope.
In this office you'll see teddy bears, flags and pictures of their deployed loved ones.
Among the photos...two people close to Donna Lewing's heart.
Her nephew Captain Larry Benton and her son soldier Nathan Shumaker...both deployed to Afghanistan with the 527th Engineering Battalion.
Donna Lewing's, Soldiers Mom: "He's my youngest. I'm very proud of him. Freedom comes with a price and we want him to be safe and to come home soon."
In the meantime Lewing and her co-workers find comfort in this patriotic display.
It's an exhibit the managers at this Barksdale Federal Credit Union support wholeheartedly.
Arno Easterly, President: "We support the troops. We support the president and we believe that the cause is right. We have the greatest admiration for those troops that are willing to serve."
Nordia Higgins, Reporting: "Included in this patriotic display two blue star service banner. The tradition started during WWI and it's starting to make a comeback. Each star represents a loved one who's serving in the war."
Tina Ryans, Airman's Wife: "It's like this is Lee. That is my husband. That stands for my husband and it just shows I'm proud of what he's doing."
Workers here say these offer solace each time they look at them.
Donna Lewing: "
We just go by and look at them and you just look at the picture and say I know you know I love you and it helps a lot."
The 527th family support is organizing a rally in for all the troops involved in the war.
It will take place this coming Saturday April 5th at 2 pm in the parking lot of the Barksdale Federal Credit Union on Northgate Road.
They're hoping a lot of people will come out to support our troops.