New Dad is a World Away

Like most of America ...Ark-La-Tex families with loved ones in the thick of the fight continue to stand in strong support of the war.

With her son a world away in the Persian Navy mom and her family find comfort in a grand son...who has never met his father.
In her office...surrounded by family pictures...Rene Feeheley tries to keep her mind on her job.
But thoughts of her son Brock constantly creep in.
The 22-year-old sailor is in the Persian Gulf taking part in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Rene Feeheley, Sailor's Mother: "He chose the Navy because he wanted to see the world. He wanted to get out of small town Ringgold and see the world which he has gotten to do."
Brock is deployed... for the second time since 9-11... as a mechanic with the USS Constallation.
The aircraft carrier delivers crucial air support for troops on the ground.
It's a job that fills the heart of his mother with pride.
Rene Feeheley: "Very very proud of him he tells us we're all doing our job. We're here for the right reasons we know."
Two months ago...the long-time sailor became a first time father.
From thousands of miles away...Brock shared in the delivery of his son Tyler by telephone.
Rene Feeheley: "Of course Brock got really touched by it and he was crying and i was crying so we were all happy but it was hard because he couldn't be there."
A yellow ribbon hangs outside the workplace of Rne hopes that the new dad and the rest of the troops involved in the war...will find their way home soon.
Rene Feeheley: "We can't wait to see Brock hold the baby. Brock's always been the type we knew he was going to be the best daddy in the world. He's going to love him to death."
Before the war broke out...Brock was scheduled to come home in May.
Now he's told his mother the road home is through Baghdad.
An interesting last count there were 77 new dads stationed on the USS Constallation.