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Does it Work?: Furminator

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Soon, our dogs and cats will be shedding that winter undercoat, sporting their summer look. We decided to check out a high-end grooming product that should help keep all that hair off your furniture and floor.

If "Ahhnold" has a dog that dog should have the Furminator. It's a deshedding tool that claims to be professional grade, and believe me, you pay for it too.

Laura, an 8-year-old shepherd/chow mix helped us out with the testing. She has a heavy coat - especially in the winter time. So she's a real shedder.

The Furminator is nice and heavy, and that good first impression was soon eclipsed by its thoroughness. Huge clumps of white undercoat came off Laura, with no evidence of her outer coat being touched.

The Furminator has a special furejector that cleans out the stainless steel teeth with the push of a button. The handle is ergonomically correct is a plus!

And, Laura seemed to give it a...well..."paws" up.

By all accounts, the Furminator was a hit. "Ahhhnold" would be proud. We give the Furminator, a "yes."

The Furminator is not cheap. The medium model we tested is $55. But Gayle Helms with the Humane Society says it worth it. It's available at Petco and Petsmart.

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