Family Support

Hundreds of service men and women in the Ark-La-Tex are deployed to fight terror.
But one family in Shreveport is feeling twice the loss.
Three year old Jasmine Ellison may not get the words of our national anthem quite right but she's got two good reasons to be patriotic.
Both her parents S
hawn and Melissa...are deployed with the Louisiana National Guard.
Ken Ellison, Grandfather: "They're both in the 10-83rd. They're both HET drivers. They call them HETS...heavy equipment transport. They drive the big tractor trailer trucks and all the tanks."
With mommie and daddy away serving the country...the three-year-old bundle of energy is left in the hands of pawpaw and memaw.
Linda Ellison, Grandmother: "There's never a down time. She's one of those that goes all the come home from work you're going till bed time. There's no days off like there were when you're just babysitting as grandparents."
Having served during the Vietnam War...Ken Ellison is a proud patriot...decorated with the American flag.
He wears dog tags for his son and daughter-in-law...covered with the stars and stripes.
He says he won't take them off until they return.
Ken Ellison: "I'm proud to see em stand up for what they believe and the country of course it's natural we're worried about them but still glad to seem em there."
It's an added responsibility but these grand parents turned parents say they wouldn't have it any other way.
Linda Ellison: "I feel real lucky that we can support both of them and that she's got such confidence in us and that we love her and she loves us."
The Ellisons have also given little Jasmine dog tags with her parents names on them.
They were told to prepare to care for her for a year.