22nd African American parade celebrated Saturday

By Nick Guillory – email | bio | Twitter

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – The cold weather didn't stop several thousands of people to come out to downtown Shreveport and celebrate African American heritage.

For the 22nd time...African Americans conjoined on downtown Shreveport to celebrate not only 'Black History Month,' but, the influential leaders that fought to bring everyone together -- and not separate.

Nearly 100 different organizations participated from schools to bands to churches and elected officials.

Many of the crowd members say coming together with other African Americans is what's most important during 'Black History Month.'

"It means a lot...representing our heritage and where we came from and where we are today--very important to me," Christina Franklin said.

The theme for this year's parade was:  the history of black economic empowerment.

Milton Pitts Crenchaw was the Grand Marshall. He was an original Tuskegee airman flight instructor.

Crenchaw was among the first blacks in the country to be trained by the federal government as a civilian licensed pilot.

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