Closet Colts fans 'do' exist in Ark-La-Tex

By Jeff Ferrell – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Even here in the heart of 'Who Dat Nation,' there are some Colts fans.  The ones we met are dedicated.  They have to be, to take all the verbal abuse and teasing from Saints fans as Super bowl 44 quickly approaches.

"Pierremont Women's Clinic, this is Amanda.  Can you hold just a moment?"  We caught up with Colts fan Amanda Glasscock as she answered phone calls during our visit at the OB-GYN clinic in Shreveport where she works.

And, it's no exaggeration to say that Amanda loves her Indianapolis Colts, regardless of what anyone says.  "They tease me a lot because I have my Colts screen saver on my computer."

Beyond just her screen saver, Amanda makes no secret of her devotion to her favorite football team.  And, that's prompted even more friendly jibes from co-workers.  "People have made things up, the Colts like, 'the Colts are the losing team' or something, you know little acronyms."

Actually, a co-worker inside the clinic at Willis Knighton Pierremont spelled it out crystal clear for us, declaring:  "The Colts stand for, "Can Only Lose The Super bowl."

It's also fair to say Amanda Glasscock has done her own share of trash talking, even to her boss, Dr. Claude Lockhart Sr., who leaves very soon for the big game in Miami.

So we, or I should I, passed along a comment Amanda made to us just minutes before we interviewed Dr. Lockhart:
REPORTER:  "She said, 'you better fly home because that would be a long way to cry if you had to drive."

The doc's response to Amanda's barbs?  "Kind of, hire the handicapped kind of thing.  She can't help herself and we've, we've helped her along when we can."  Ouch.  That kind of biting sarcasm is all too common between Colts and Saints fans.

Regardless of which team wins, you get the feeling that come Monday morning one set of fans will not be in the mood to talk - at all.

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