S'port native doctor returns from Haiti

By Nick Guillory – email | bio | Twitter

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – A U.S. Army major has just returned home from the devastation in Haiti where she used her skills as a doctor as part of a team sent to help earthquake victims.

Angela smith was one of 3 other doctors from Dallas on the trip. With the help of grace flight America, they were able to make the trip down to Haiti to assist the thousands that need round-the-clock care.

"You want to help everybody but i think the goal of the people running the facility was treat children first --- everyone else as we could because of limited supplies," Angela Smith said.

The team was stationed at CDTI hospital in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Smith said at times it was hard not for her emotions to take over.

"You focus on your job -- there could be 4 surgeries and I'm in the middle treating 2 patients -- you just get caught up in what you're doing,"

Angela said before they arrived, many doctors were forced to perform surgeries with no anesthia.

She tells us the images you see on television of Haiti's capital city don't do it justice.

"No houses--- tent cities everywhere -- people holding babies outside," Smith explains.

Smith also adds, these Haitian people aren't violent—simply hungry.

"I didn't see any violence while I was there -- they're not violent they just need help," Smith said.

Angela hopes the little help they were able to provide, eases the horror the country is experiencing right now.

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