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Red Cross: Every dollar donated helps Haiti

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By Jeff Ferrell – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – Local American Red Cross leaders expressed gratitude to all the people who've donated money for Haitian relief efforts in recent days, ranging from a few dollars in cash to hundreds of dollars.

At their headquarters in Shreveport, ever since the disaster in Haiti on Tuesday Red Cross staff members said they're averaging twenty to thirty phone calls an hour.  Assistant Executive Director Michelle Davison estimated her agency had already collected more than five thousand dollars in local donations.

But, Davison also explained that donations are just one of the reasons for all those calls to the American Red Cross:  "Ranging from ways that they can help to they want to make a donation to the occasional call even to talk about trying to locate family members," added Davison. 

Davison added that donors want to give whatever they can.  "We had a lady that called the other day that said, 'you know, I've only got twenty dollars that I can give.  Is that okay?'"  Davison said they told the caller that, ‘those twenty dollars will make a difference.' 

"I would hope I'm making a difference by contributing and doing what I can," offered James Ellison.  He's one of the many local Red Cross donors who've stepped forward in the last three days. 

We caught up with Ellison at his home in Bossier City, where he gave us a tour of his recent and on-going home improvement projects.  He started those projects after retiring from his post as an Air Reserve Technician from Barksdale Air Force Base in the fall, and finally has time to complete them all.

 Ellison also had time this week to watch the coverage of the Haitian disaster.  "You know, with being in military services all these years I can kind of relate to the kind of suffering that you know these people are going through right now and it kind of touched my heart, it's just, it's really sad." 

Back at the Red Cross headquarters on Linwood Avenue in Shreveport, they're telling donors, ‘ every dollar counts.'  Just ask Michelle Davison who smiled, "cash, check or credit card; we'll take it all."

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