Teen charged with making bomb with sparklers

By Fred Childers – bio|email

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) –  Fireworks stand owner Randy Devers has a long list of rules to follow as he doles out the new years blasts, pops, and whistles to Bossier City residents in his Shed Road fireworks tent.

Customers are expected to know the rules too.

"All I know is that new year's eve I can pop them until 12:30am", said customer, Todd Juneau

"It's not just here, it's everywhere," said Devers.

Devers stand is inspected by the fire marshal randomly, in fact it was being checked Wednesday when a chatty fifteen year old reportedly struck up a conversation with the fire marshal, and told him about his homemade fireworks - Bossier City Police say that's when the marshal asked to see them.

"He came up here and he just happened to show it to the wrong person which was a fire marshal," said Devers.

The juvenile was taken into custody, and now faces a very serious charge of manufacturing and possession of a bomb.

Witnesses say the explosive was literally a PVC pipe stuffed with the material from sparklers.

"He seen it on the internet he thought it was ok," said Devers.

Bossier City Police say Devers did nothing wrong, the arrest just happened to be at his fireworks tent location, where they look to enforce strict regulations.

Devers says he feels bad for the juvenile, a boy he says didn't realize he did anything wrong.

"The guy might have saved his life," said Devers.

But the arrest can be a lesson learned - and remind customers that altering fireworks could have a very explosive, and even an very unexpected outcome – like going to jail.

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