Other arrests made behind Forcht Wade convict escape

SHREVEPORT, LA - Convicted sex offender Bryan Roberts is back behind bars, but this time at the David Wade Maximum Security Facility in Homer, LA. And there have been more arrests surrounding his escape.

KSLA News 12 has learned Roberts' sister, Loree Harley, and her husband Tommy have each been charged with accessory after the fact.

They're accused of helping him hide from authorities for more than three days. But, Harley says that he had more help.

Harley claims that a guard at Forcht Wade helped him escape through the kitchen and had a ride waiting on him outside the gate.

The Deputy Warden at Forcht Wade tells KSLA News 12 there is absolutely no truth to the claim that a staff member had anything to do with the escape, but they are looking into the possibility that Roberts had additional help from the outside.

Roberts escaped from the Forcht Wade Correctional Facility on the morning of Christmas Eve.

There were reported sightings of Roberts from east Texas, to Greenwood and Bossier City Louisiana.