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Editorial December 16: Edwin Edwards

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Edwin Edwards has been a part of Louisiana history since the 1970's. And even though he's been in federal prison since 2001, he continues to make news today.

The former Louisiana governor's long awaited biography is out this month.

As a recap, Edwards served as Louisiana governor for 16 years. During that time, he was often investigated, and eventually convicted on federal charges of bribery and extortion involving riverboat casino licenses. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

There has been talk recently of allowing him out of jail early. He is 82-years-old.

During my time as a reporter in Louisiana, I covered Governor Edwards and experienced first hand his extraordinary political abilities and charm. I also saw his arrogance and his belief he was above the law. That attitude, and the national headlines he generated, did a lot of damage to Louisiana's reputation. Damage the state is still trying to overcome today.

For that reason, I believe Edwin Edwards should serve his entire term in prison. His release date is July 6, 2011. Let me know what you think. I'm James Smith.

He has served more time than anybody else would have. Yes, he is no saint, but neither are you. I am quite sure you have done some things you are not happy about. If you want to act high and mighty, go and get these other politicians that are earmarking and get money from political donors for favors. Edwards told you he was crook from word go. Get off the old guy and start looking at Mary Landrieu and others.
P. Williams

Edwin Edwards should be let out of prison. He is no longer a threat to anyone. There are plenty of criminals that need to take his place. Some of the politicians in this state are crooks in every sense of the word. The voters just keep on electing them. What a shame. Ignorance is bliss.
R. Thrash

We think Gov. Edwards should be let out of jail early. We know he did wrong and he has served his time. Would like to know how many in public office that are honest and God fearing people like our country was founded on.
B&M S.

Yes, I personally feel that Former Governor Edwin Edwards should be released. We cannot continue to look at the wrong that he did, but look also at all the good. He has paid his dues. He should be set free.

Edwin Edward's should die in the penitentiary. He is nothing but a crook, he always had his hand in the pot.

Yes, let him out earlier. He helped the people of Shreveport and me a lot as governor of La.
Thank You,

I don't see why he shouldn't be released early. If they release murderers and rapists, why not release him. If they don't, must be "political motivation" as usual.       

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