Police: Toddler shoots herself, now recovering

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –   A three year old girl is rushed to LSU hospital Tuesday around 1:30, she had been shot in the stomach with a semi automatic pistol.

Knowing every second is a factor, paramedics quickly wheel her into the emergency room.

Police say the toddler shot herself.

"We believe it's accidental but I'm sure detectives are going to leave no stone unturned," said Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department.

"They are good people, very good people and they are family people," said Mary Adger, a neighbor.

Neighbors say the parents typically watch her closely.

"She's a sweet little baby, she's always out here playing and he's always watching her," said Adger.

The child's father did not want to talk on camera, but police say she got hold of the gun in a back bedroom - while unattended, and that's when the father heard a shot.

"But this particular time he was in the shower, he couldn't help it. It was an accident," said Adger.

And police appear to believe that, no charges have been filed.

However, police say the accident could have been prevented.

"There are classes that are available under the sheriff's office, from time to time the SPD puts on classes to learn how to properly handle these weapons, learn how to properly store them," said Goodin.

"Put your guns up, if you got one please put it up," said Adger.

Their hope is this tragedy can be used to teach others a valuable lesson, one that could have cost a young life.

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