Nine year old shot

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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –  At a home in Shreveport a nine year old girl was shot by her dad. Right now, it appears police are investigating the Wednesday shooting as an accident.

We tried to learn more about how it happened, but nobody came to the door.

So we turned to those who teach gun safety.

"Anytime you hear of any type of negligent fire arms injury one of four basic rules are going to be violated, number one, they're not treating all weapons as if they're loaded," said Caddo Sheriff's Training Academy Instructor, Jim Dunn.

"That tends to happen a lot people think their weapons are unloaded and they don't do the proper safety checks," said Corporal Rodney Horton with the Shreveport Police Academy.

Shreveport police tell us it was a 243 hunting rifle that was fired in the accidental shooting, and like any weapon, you shouldn't consider it unloaded until you actually look.

"And assuming is the worst thing you can do when you're dealing with firearms," said Horton.

He showed us how it's done with a shotgun, as he ejected the shell from the chamber and the magazine then visually checked the gun.

But since every firearm is different, instructors suggest you familiarize yourself with the one you have.

The Caddo Sheriff's Training Academy offers courses throughout the year to teach gun safety to both children and adults - training that could save lives.

"That's the worst call we make, is when somebody's negligently hurt with a fire arm, and we want to prevent that as much as possible," said Dunn.

 The sheriff's training is taking place this weekend, and it's for children - that session is filled up.

However there is another one taking place next month - January ninth.

You can call the sheriff's office to sign up at 681-0735. Or you can follow this link to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's website.

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