Corey Deshun Russell

ARCADIA, LA (KSLA) – The Bienville Parish Sheriff's Office wants to find Corey Russell. He's facing charges for distribution of a controlled dangerous substance - crack cocaine.

And authorities say he has no regard where he was dishing it out.

Right in the heart of Arcadia, not even 50 yards from a daycare, just a rocks throw from where dozens of parents leave their kids for the day, Corey Deshun Russell stands accused of dealing rock, the street name for crack cocaine, just off one of Arcadia's main drags, multiple times, in broad daylight.

"It's greed is what it boils down to," says Bienville Parish Sheriff's Detective Lt. Steve Beard.  "They don't care where it is, who is it, when it is. It's just the way they do business."

Russell has been arrested previously for possession, possession with intent to distribute, theft, and resisting arrest.  Corey Russell's arrest history is a well-documented one in Bienville parish.  But we wanted to know about his criminal conviction history - and why he's still on the streets.

"It is very frustrating. I don't know, I don't know how to answer that," said Beard.

After contacting the Bienville Parish District Attorney's office, we were sent a statement in which they confirmed since 1999, Corey Russell had been arrested five times, but he "does not have a lengthy history."

After a cocaine possession conviction, Russell was given pre-trial diversion, a probation of sorts, or as Beard put it, "It's a second chance basically."

But once the program is completed, that first chance can never be used against him again.

Two other arrests were dropped for lack of evidence, and four counts of resisting arrest were dropped in consideration of a drug plea.

This time he's not just resisting, he's avoiding arrest at all cost.

"The last information we received, (he was) connected in some way with Big Face Entertainment in dallas," Beard said.

Online, we quickly located a Big Face Entertainment, not of Dallas, but of Milwaukee.

They denied knowing Corey Russell, but on a hunch, when we called one of Russell's family members in Arcadia, we were told that's exactly where they thought he was,  just second before the line went dead.

28-year-old Corey Deshun Russell is 5' 7" tall and weighs 175 lbs.

On a previous arrest he told investigators he worked in Dallas. A friend also mentioned Texas, however, now it seems he could have a connection to Milwaukee.

If you have any information on Corey Russell, you're urged to contact the Bienville Parish Sheriff's Office at (318) 263-2215.

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