Joseph P. Sopsack

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) – The KSLA News 12 Fugitive RoundUp Team is assisting Bossier Parish investigators in their search for Joseph P. Sopsack.

Sheriff Deputies say he's a petty thief on the rise.  And in 2004, he left something behind much more damaging than a fingerprint – his DNA.

"He's had a pretty extensive criminal history," says Bossier Parish Sheriff Spokesperson Erin Habich.  The 44-year-old suspect's list of run-ins with authorities include burglary, assault, sexual battery and domestic abuse.

"Obviously he's escalating, small crime and moving right up the ladder," adds Habich.

Investigators says in July of 2004, Sopsack picked a house, picked a rock, then threw that rock through a window of the house.  Investigators believe when he tried to enter through the window, he cut himself on a jagged piece of glass.

"Half of these blood stain cases we get in, we're getting a hit on the perpetrator," says Dr. Patrick Wojtkiewicz with the North Louisiana Crime Lab.  "What has happened in these cases, we're finding a lot of them we worked several years ago are just now getting hits."

And now five years later, the blood sample from that broken window finally got a hit – Joseph P. Sopsack.

Habich says investigators were surprised to hear the news.  "So it was really exciting to them to work a case from 5 years ago and make a connection."

And if you're wondering why investigators went to the trouble of running DNA on blood found on an attempted burglary case,  Habich explains, "I wonder if he knew the house had been burglarized before and if he thought, oh here's an easy house."

The house Sopsack allegedly picked to rob had been hit twice already and Bossier authorities were more than ready to put a stop to it.

Says Dr. Wojtkiewicz, "If you can take a few of those high volume burglars off the streets, you can reduce your crime stats quite significantly."

If you have information on the whereabouts of 44-year-old Joseph P. Sopsack, you are urged to contact the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office at (318) 965-2203.

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