Bossier officers cleared: Scott Gray's family speaks out

By Carolyn Roy – bio|email

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) – A Bossier City officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the death of a mentally disturbed man, but his grieving family is moving forward with an independent investigation that could lead to a civil wrongful death suit.

A Bossier Parish grand jury cleared a Bossier City police officer in the October shooting of 42 year old Scott Gray. The panel ruled that Officer Kary Szyska was justified when he fatally shot an unarmed man who was fighting with another officer.

The decision means Szyska won't face a murder charge in the death of 42-year-old Scott Gray. Szyska shot Gray five times as Gray fought with St. Todd Hylbert after a traffic stop Oct. 2 in Bossier City. The grand jury heard from witnesses and reviewed video from patrol car cameras.

Gray's widow, Mary Gray, tells KSLA News 12 in an exclusive interview that she has not been able to bring herself to view the police dash cam video of the shooting, but she says she is struggling to understand why so many shots were necessary.  "I mean, that many times to shoot a man. To me, they say 'twice is bring you down, three is kill.' Five is murder."

Bossier City authorities said Gray tried to grab Hylbert's gun during that fight.  Gray family attorney Elton says the grand jury's decision is only a step in the process, and that their independent investigation continues. "Now that the grand jury has finished their work, and keep in mind, they're looking at a criminal proceeding, and whether or not these officers - one of the officers should have been charged with homicide, with murder.  That's completely different than what we're looking at, which is some sort of civil action for wrongful death. That's a completely different matter."

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