Nurse Camp

Several students are learning how to help someone who is having a heart attack.

"This is the actual catheter. There is a needle inside."

17-Year-Old Joana Bercea is learning how to start an I.V.

"It is not a real person. At least I am not hurting anyone."

But hopefully, in a few years Bercea will be starting an I.V on a real patient.

Katie Drewelow and Cindy Crockett are registered nurses who are also camp directors.

"It is a good opportunity to open a door that they may not have experienced."

The program not only gets students interested in nursing, but it also shows them there is a lot more to nursing than just giving baths or changing bed pans.

"They have so many options, different things, new exciting things they can do.

Nurses who run the program hope exposure to nursing will attract young people to their profession.