Golf Body

Ray Cox admits that his golf game is a little off course.

"Probably technique and lack of flexibility and strength."

He wants to improve his drive by an extra 20 yards. Tri-State Physical Therapy's new golf training program could help him achieve his goal.

"We take a look at the golfer's swing from a biomechanics stand point to see any limitations physically that a golfer might have."

Using a piece of rubber band equipment, a series of "golf specific" exercises are put together for the golfer.

"We say okay this is restricted, but were going to stretch these muscles to get your back swing better."

The flexibility and strength training exercises mimic the golfers movement on the golf course.

"I'm looking forward to it helping my golf game.

Physical therapist Dan Turner says this program not only improves the golfers functional capabilities, but that it reduces golf related injuries as well.

"The ultimate goal for any golfer is the extra 20 yards in length."