UPDATE: Gas well blowout in DeSoto Parish

UPDATED 6:10 PM 11/19 - DeSoto Parish authorities say the gas well that blew out on Wednesday, killing one person and injuring another, has been capped.

However, families who evacuated from their homes last night will have to spend another night away from home as authorities work to further contain the blast site.

The sheriff's office said for those people who were evacuated, they should call the sheriff's office first thing Friday morning after 8:00 a.m. to see when it is safe to return home. The number to call at the sheriff's office is 318-872-3956.

Well capping crews did say Thursday's warm, dry weather helped crews gain the upper hand on the blast site.

We've also been told that Highway 3015 has been re-opened.

By Ben Wolf – bio|email

DESOTO PARISH, LA (KSLA) – A gas well blowout killed a man and left another injured.

It happened just before 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, three miles east of Grand Cane in DeSoto Parish.

Contractors were performing maintenance on a Chesapeake well site when neighbors say they heard what sounded like a bomb go off.

Even with everyone pushed back a couple of miles, you can still hear the gas escaping the well.

At least six firemen from the DeSoto Parish Fire Department were transported to an area hospital for monitoring after entering the affected area.

In fact, anyone living within a two mile radius of the blowout had time to grab a few items before they were evacuated.

Many people are staying with family and friends while others are spending the night at the Clarion Hotel in Shreveport with Chesapeake footing the bill.

Renate Vogt wheeled into Shreveport's Clarion Hotel about six hours after she thought a plane crashed behind her home.

"I just heard a real loud boom," she said.

The DeSoto Parish resident immediately called her neighbor, then the Sheriff's office.

"She said just get the hell out of there as fast as you can. Don't use a cell phone, turn everything off that could spark," said Vogt.

It turns out that loud boom was a natural gas well blowout about 300 yards from Vogt's property.

Vogt uses a wheel chair and friends have brought her groceries for the past two years, but the situation was so dire she found herself cranking up an old car and driving a mile and half down the road to safety.

Deputies patrolled the area about three miles east of Grand Cane as people grabbed clothes and prescription medicines before evacuating.

Chesapeake energy has put up about 15 families in the Clarion who don't have a place to go.

Chesapeake will also take care of other expenses until they can return home.

There is still no word on the names of the man who died in the well blowout or the man injured during the incident.

As for the families looking to return back to their homes: they are playing the waiting game and still haven't gotten the okay to go back.

A portion of LA 3015, in DeSoto Parish is closed to traffic as air quality is monitored.  It is unknown at this time how long it will take to render the area safe.

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