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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –  If you're a cop looking to bust speeders then Millicent Way Is your ticket.

The 30 mile per hour stretch of residential street connects Bert Kouns and Youree Drive.

"[They] use it as a little highway here," said one police officer.

In just 20 minutes four people were pulled over for going 40 plus miles per hour, or even faster.

And many of those pulled over were headed to LSUS.

"I got to go to class at 12, I'm kind of in a hurry," said Abdul Alqam who was pulled over for speeding.

"I was just eating my crackers and headed to the gym minding my own business," said Ricky Candler, who was also pulled over.

With our Speedbusters radar gun we responded to an area reported to have lots of drivers ignoring the fifteen mile an hour speed zone just across the street from a private school near Highland and Ockley Streets.

"Nobody obeys that speed limit," said Heather Anderson, a resident of Ockley Street.

And that claim was confirmed.

Most drivers who didn't see me, or didn't care, averaged in the 30's or even 40's.

Like a lot of areas of Shreveport the school zone does not have a blinking light on the school zone sign, but it does have a list of times for people to go fifteen miles per hour, most of the people we clocked speeding didn't even know the sign was there.

Some drivers slow down when they see the police officer.

And some even slow down when they see me.

It appears a watchful eye, whomever it belongs to can be a good deterrent.

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