Shriner's Services

3-year-old Tayla Lowry and her mother Charolotte met with a Shriner's orthopedic specialist for the first time today.

"The rickets are getting so severe that she falls and trips and little kids make fun of her."

The disease has left Tayla bow legged and her medical bills have just about depleted the family's income.

"And someone said I think the Shriner's can help her walk again."

So along with five other families, the Lowry's boarded the Shriner's bus for a six and a half hour drive from Tulsa Oklahoma to Shreveport.

"Without this transportation system I do not think we could have brought her down here."

Shriner's provides free transportation to children and their parents to and from doctor's appointments and therapy sessions at Shriner's hospitals in six states including; Shreveport, Arkansas and Texas.

"It is rewarding to see. That is the reward and that is why we do it."

Bus driver Donald Penn says the "Akdar" temple volunteers make about 15 runs a month to Shriner's hospitals.

"It's a nice compatible group."

Tayla's mom is more than grateful for the support.

"Having people to talk to on the bus helps."

Tayla will return to Shriner's for reconstructive surgery on her legs next month.