KSLA News 12 anchor Pat Simon is back in S'port

UPDATED 11/12 9:27PM - It's official! KSLA News 12 anchor Pat Simon is back in Shreveport from his tour in Iraq. Watch KSLA News 12 at 10 tonight as our news crews were there to welcome back our soldier.

UPDATED 11/12 - Pat is coming back to Louisiana. His should arrive in Shreveport this evening. We'll have the latest on his return tonight on KSLA News 12 at 10.


"Of course I'll be meeting my family and I'll be giving them all a big hug. I haven't seen them in six months now since I was home on leave, but getting to eat some of the good Louisiana food that we sorely missed has been a big conversation piece for all of us," he said.


The 225th Engineer Brigaded will be on leave for about three weeks before being removed from active duty.


Wed., 11/11
At the end of 2008, the men and women of the LA National Guard 225th Engineer Brigade said goodbye to family and friends, then set off for a one-year deployment to Iraq.

Then in April, KSLA News 12 Anchor Pat Simon got the call to join his fellow soldiers, and we had to say goodbye to him as well.

Now Pat is out of Iraq and making his way back home. We can't say exactly when he'll set foot in Shreveport, but it should be in the next day or so. We're also trying to get more information from the LA National Guard on when other members of the 225th Engineer Brigade will be back home.

We want all of Pat's fans, family and friends to send us welcome home wishes, so we can share them with Pat when he returns to Shreveport. You can write your welcome home message in the comment box below, or send us your message by email to ksla@ksla.com.

Stay with ksla.com and KSLA News 12 for the latest on Pat's return home.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My first grade class would like to welcome you home!
We are glad you are back and thank you for all you have done for us!
Stacey Ferguson
First Grade
Many Elementary

Welcome home Pat!  We are thankful to God for bringing you home safe to your family, friends and followers of KSLA.
Your team continued to give news we can count on, and having you return will make it that much more successful!
Kiaa Prelow

Welcome Home Pat!
Thanks for serving our country and welcome home.
A faithful WAFB Channel 9 fan in City of Central, LA who is originally from the Shreveport area and still has relatives there!
Juanda Levert

LTC Pat Simon,
Thank you for your service and we look forward to seeing you again!
LTC Robert Lindsay (RET)

A greeting from Northern California, Eureka, Calif.
Soooooooo glad to have you home. Thank you for your sacrificial service for our country.
I pray the Lord's benefits of health, wholeness, peace, mercy and love to you and to your family.
LaVerne McCutcheon

Welcome back, thank you for everything you do to help and serve our country.  We are blessed to have people like you to do this for us! God bless!
Martha Traylor

May your return home be a safe one and God Bless you. Thank you for taking care of our country! Your bravery and dedication are awesome! God Bless you and your loved ones!
Denise Moore

Welcome home Pat Simon. Thank you for you service to our great country. It is nice to have you on the way home on Veterans Day. Please remember to say a prayer for the ones still there. Some will never come home.
You have been in our prayers now we will thank God for your safe return.
Fellow vet,

Welcome home Pat.  This USA is in such good hands with men and women like yourself. Thank you for being loyal to your country and keeping us safe.  I'm glad you made it home safely. 
Brenda McFarland

So happy your back with us! I've followed your tour all the way. Proud of you. Thanks again. Looking forward to seeing you on the news soon.
Hugs as always,

Welcome home Pat! I just wanted to thank you for your service to our country, and the bravery shown in the face of adversary to keep myself and my family free. God Bless you and your family! For you and your family showed the true American Spirit over these past months. Welcome home Pat, I look forward to seeing you again on the news!  Brenda Slater-New Boston, Texas

Welcome home Pat. Thanks to you and your family for putting your life on the front line so we all may enjoy our freedom.

Welcome home – to Shreveport! Shreveport hasn't been the same without you!  Glad you had a safe tour of duty and a return home!  Spend some time with your family – then get back on the air ASAP!
Sandra Scott

Welcome Home!
I am sure your family and loved ones cannot wait to hug you! Thank you for your service.
Be Safe
Caroline Coreil Roy

As a constant fan of Channel 12 News, and a former Serviceman [U.S. Air Force-Vietnam Era], I would like to join the many people of the Ark-La-Tex in welcoming home Pat Simon and the wonderful Soldiers who have served Our country and preserved Our Freedom. Thank You!  Gary Collins[Natchitoches,La]

Welcome Pat, glad to have you back, safe and sound. Can't wait to see you back on KSLA. And mostly, a hearty thank you, sir.
Nancy Chance, Bossier City, LA

Pat Simon,
It is so good to know that you are back on American soil, and still in good health. I have really missed you on KSLA. I am looking forward to you being back on there. Thanks a million for what you have done for our country. You are GREAT.
Welcome Home,
Marlie Self

Welcome home Pat!!Thank you for serving our country!It touches my heart to see your dedication to our country!!

We Honor you on this Veterans Day, and are glad you are on your way back home.
Gail Crayton

You have been greatly missed in my home, watching the news everyday put you and everyone else on KSLA in my home and family. I thank God that you have made it home safe and that all of the other men and women be as blessed as you are and make it back home to their families and friends also. Welcome Back Home.
The Hill Family
Mansfield, La

Can't wait for Pat to get back home and back on TV helping to do the news. Welcome home Pat, we've missed you.

Thank you for your service to our country.  It is because of people like you that we all enjoy the freedom that we have today.
The Landry Family

We're glad to have you back home safe and sound. You've been in our prayers. Thank you for your service and we can't wait to see you back on the air.

Pat, welcome home! We miss seeing you on our news!
Be safe, thank you for what you do! And thank all the other's for their sacrifices!

Thanks for a job well done and for serving our country faithfully. Welcome Home and May God Continuously Bless you.

LTC. Simon, I want to thank you for your Service! And so glad you are back home safe and sound. Look forward to watching you on KSLA. You have been missed. Debra & CMSGT. Leroy Brown

Welcome Home Pat! Thanks for all you do! Happy Veterans Day!

Pat, I would like to say thank you for a job well done. You were truly missed by many fans. You did a great job. You also kept in touch with us, the viewers, to let us know what was going on with you. Once again, thanks Pat for a job well done and especially give thanks to God for your safe return back home. With God on your side everything is possible. Keep him number one always. I also want to thank your co-workers for a job well done also. Thanks Pat.

We missed watching you so much and are very glad you will be back on air and in the United States, safe and well.
Rochelle and Sheldon Goldsholl (your fans)

Thanks for serving our country. There are a lot of times that we don't say a simple thank you. May God take care of you and your family. We need to put God back in our country. Without men and women in the armed services, where would this country be? We all need to thank God daily for our freedom. We need to remember that freedom is not free. I pray that God will take care of our servicemen and women. Welcome Home.

So glad that Pat Simon is back on American soil and do hope he will be back as one of the KSLA anchormen. He's such a good newscaster! 
J. Green, Keatchie LA.

Welcome home and thank you for all you have done and will continue to do for our country.  I missed seeing you on KSLA and cannot wait until you are back on News 12. Thank you again.  
Joyce M. Jones

Simple and to the point - Thanks
Joe & Judy

Thank God for the safe return of you and your fellow soldiers. It will be good to see you back on the air, not that the rest of the crew didn't do a good job while you were gone. Thank you for helping keep us safe. There is not enough thanks to go around. God bless you and all who answer the call. 
An Iraqi Freedom Marine Mom -

Welcome home LTC Pat Simon. I am glad see you back in U.S.A. You fighting for us, and all the other men and woman that gave their blood and lives and gave us our freedom - that means so much. I am glad see you are back and safe sound. I'll be glad to see you back in your chair on KSLA Channel 12. I wish you and your family well. God bless you and thank you so much. 
R. Long, Texarkana