What’s Clickin’ Wednesday, 11/11/09

UNDATED (KSLA) –We're a long way from New York City, but the Couture Fashions of the big runways are closer than you think, thanks to one new web site.

Maybe you have a big Christmas party coming up? This site literally brings New York Fashion to your door step. It's called, 'Rent the Runway,' and it was just started by two Harvard Business School graduates.

It works like Netflix, you rent a designer dress for four day for anywhere from $50 to $200 and we're talking gowns that would cost thousands of dollars to buy. Unfortunately, there's currently a waiting list, so no telling when you'll actually get accepted.

For the guys, if a new TV is on your wish list this year, tell Santa you want one with an Internet connection.  Many experts are saying this is the next big thing…sets that have an Internet jack built in.

Samsung is now offering 23 TVs with the connection. Use it to rent online movies from sites like Amazon; there are no downloads, no waits and the opportunities are endless. Researchers say only 12 percent of TVs sold in September had the built in connection, but they're predicting it will soon be a standard feature.

Finally, if you're flying somewhere for the holidays and maybe a bit nervous, there's a cool new I-Phone application that may help you out.

It's from Virgin Atlantic, called the 'Flying without Fear' application. It walks you through all the noises a plane makes, assures you of safety plans in place in case of an emergency and even offers breathing exercises and soothing music. It does cost $5

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