Storm cleanup begins for S. Bossier residents

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) –  Saturday, the day many South Bossier residents set aside as clean up day following a long week of severe flooding throughout the parish.

Dale Scotten, a Bossier Parish resident began cleaning up as waters from Red Chute Bayou have already begun their retreat from his neighborhood and many others in South Bossier Parish.

"Picking up sandbags, getting rid of all this excess and I had just cleaning up in general," said Scotten.

It's no easy task, considering the 3,000 sandbags around his home. Now it's just what to do with all of them? Scotten says, he's going to try to keep as many as possible, in case of an emergency.

"I'm going to keep a lot of course because we are in the flood zone, although I can't keep them all, but in case I need them again," said Scotten.

With a week behind us, in South Bossier Parish, some roads are still covered with water. Other Bossier Parish residents also followed Scotten's example and got some long waited clean up done.

"I'm just getting outside, catching upon burning leaves, doing some raking; I got to move sandbags today (Saturday)…," said Greg Anderson.

Anderson tells KSLA that the month of October's record breaking rainfall kept his yard off the chore list..

Now Bossier Parish officials want to pass along tips to residents who will be out burning storm debris. Officials warn; not to become victims again.

First off, when burning debris, remember Bossier City does not allow any burning inside city limits. For those storm victims in the Parish and elsewhere, you are urged to avoid accelerant like gas or lighter fluid.

Officials say be watchful not to burn debris near power lines and lastly, make sure to keep water nearby to douse flames if they just happen to get out of hand.

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