Bossier escaped inmate caught in Texas

Julio Keenum (Source: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office)
Julio Keenum (Source: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office)
Krsna Stuber (Source: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office)
Krsna Stuber (Source: Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office)

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) -A New Orleans man who recently escaped from the Bossier Minimum Security Facility back in October has been recaptured in Texas, according to the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office.

Bossier deputies held a conference early Friday morning announcing 27-year-old Julio Keenum's recapture.

Keenum, according to deputies was a trustee at the Bossier Minimum Security and was assigned to take care of the Bossier Sheriff's Department K-9s. Through an investigation, deputies learned that Keenum had a girlfriend from Guatemala, who has now been identified at 26-year-old Krsna Stuber.

Deputies also learned that both Keenum and Stuber had been planning a way to escape back to the Mexican border, back to Guatemala.

Allegedly Stuber picked up Keenum in a vehicle while he was on work detail; deputies say that simultaneously it happened when the tornadoes and bad weather hit Bossier Parish.

Keenum and Stuber reportedly drove to Garland, Texas, where they checked into a motel room in Stuber's name.  Upon contacting Garland authorities, both Keenum and Stuber were soon recaptured and held by Garland police.

Now deputies say both Keenum and Stuber are now back in Bossier Parish and are currently in the Bossier Maximum Security Facility.

Keenum now faces a simple escape charge and Stuber faces a charge of assisting Keenum in his escape. Stuber is also being held for INS. Deputies say Stuber is not a citizen of the United States, but she reportedly has a passport granting her access to the U.S.

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