One-on-One with Pat Simon from Iraq

Since the spring, KSLA News 12 Anchor Pat Simon has lived and worked in Iraq, serving his country as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Louisiana National Guard, standing side-by-side with the men and woman of the 225 Engineer Brigade.

A few days ago, Pat was able to sit down, via satellite, with Shannon Royster and Doug Warner. Pat talked about everything from his thoughts on how the brigade's mission went to what his first meal will be when he gets home.

Pat's interview is broken down into five parts. Here's a list of what Pat talks about in each of the video segments.

Video 1 - Pat gives his thoughts on how the mission has gone in his time there, what was the biggest eye-opener was for him while in Iraq, and talks about what a typical day in Iraq is like.

Video 2 - Pat describes one of his scarier moments in Iraq when a rocket hit near his camp, talks about how Iraqi citizens have reacted to the soliders and the work they've done, and how the morale is in Iraq as his fellow soldiers prepare to come home.

Video 3 - Pat talks about running into folks from Barksdale Air Force Base and when he's coming home. He also talks about how important the support of friends and family has been to the soldiers. There's also a brief mention of reaction in Iraq over the Balloon Boy incident.

Video 4 - There's a brief discussion about the food in Iraq, then Pat talks about what his plans are when he returns to the states. He also talks about how big Michael Jackson was in Iraq and what happened when he died.

Video 5 - Pat talks about being out in the Iraqi sun, then finishes up with a thank you for the thoughts a prayers of people in the Ark-La-Tex and beyond.