Flood victims begin cleaning up

By Fred Childers - bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -  Chuck Gabour and his fiancé, Anna Pickard have spent the last couple of days trying to undo the damage that all this flood water caused when it poured into their home.

"It's six to eight inches deep in there," said Gabour.

Their vehicles, strategically parked on the street for elevation, were also destroyed.

"Now it's working on the vehicles and getting all of our stuff out of there," said Pickard.

Even as the clean up effort is in full swing, a lot of the residents on Old Carriage Trails still can't get to their homes without going through water first, so a lot them are making use of small boats.

"There's no telling what's floating around here anymore we found beer cans, the neighbors down the street say they found a bunch of snakes out there," said Gabour.

Chuck and  Anna have to stay at a friends home.

"The smell was awful," said Gabour.

They'll stay away until the clean up is complete.

"We had to rip all the carpet out, the pads, the floors are going to have to be pulled out and completely re-decked," said Gabour.

All the renovations will be done by them.

They expect to save a little money.

"It'll be a few thousand, I don't know how much though," said Gabour.

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