What's Clickin' Thursday 11/5/2009

UNDATED (KSLA) -It was bound to happen, the much hyped Windows 7 has revealed its first flaw and it couldn't be more ironic.

It's only fitting that the first glitch in Windows 7 involves Microsoft's biggest rival, Apple. The problem, many I-Phone users are reporting their phones won't sync with I-Tunes.

There are several pages of a discussion thread on Apple's website; some say it's a hardware issue, while others say it's a software issue. There are a few fixes that have worked for some, but there is a lot of frustration on these pages.

There has been no official comment yet from Microsoft or Apple.

Another topic with lots of discussion is the great Facebook debate for parents. Should you or shouldn't you create an account to check up on your kids?

Check out facebookforparents.org. This is the site for a class of the same name taught at Stanford University. The experts here say 'yes' you should join and keep track of your child's friends. For a complete list of tips, head to this site.

But parents, you're not off the hook that easy. If you do get on Facebook, you got to be cool about it, or else you'll end up on another website called, myparentsjoinedfacebook.com.

This site is where sons and daughters post embarrassing things their parents have written on their pages. Finally, how do you de-friend someone without hurting their feelings? It's called De-friending Amnesty.

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