A big thank you from residents near Red Chute

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Residents who live around Red Chute Bayou want to thank all the volunteers who have been involved in the sandbagging operation.

City workers, Barksdale airmen, LA National Guardsmen, prisoners, and other volunteers have lined six miles of the levee with more than a hundred thousand sand bags.

The work has been constant since last Saturday.

People who live near the bayou say without their efforts, their homes would be flooded.

One thankful resident has a unique vantage point: he's able to watch the entire operation from the second story window of his own home.

"Friday night I think I may have slept for two hours," says homeowner Mike Kerry. "I've been up there the whole time with my binoculars, just watching everything going on."

Residents nearby have made signs and even baked cakes and cookies for the volunteers.

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