Man watches sandbag operation from window

By Fred Childers - bio|email

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Mike Kerry has seen it all.

"It's like a major military operation and they've been just phenomenal," said Kerry as he stands in front of a window.

The massive effort to sandbag six miles of Red Chute Bayou and prevent flooding of entire neighborhoods is all in plain view from his second story window.

"I've been watching them night and day," said Kerry.

He doesn't even watch tv anymore.

"Friday night I think I may have slept two hours I've been up there the whole time with my binoculars, just watching everything going on," said Kerry.

He doesn't really need tv though, because he has all the drama right there, he sees the inspiring accomplishments of the underdog live as it happens.

"They just push through no matter what the obstacles are," Kerry said of the volunteers.

Mike and his family have lived in the home for eleven years, so he's not just watching as an observer, he's got something at stake, which makes him a grateful to see them win.

"My greatest appreciation goes out to all the agencies, the bossier parish police jury, sheriff's office, police department, the fire department the inmates, everybody," said Kerry.

They can't see him, but he sees them. And he's pulling for them.

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